• molo's  cantilever table by Stephanie Forsythe and Todd MacAllen
  • cantilever table modular

    By Stephanie Forsythe and Todd MacAllen

    cantilever paper tables flat pack and expand to create standing and sitting height tables with 47 diameter tops or the flexible paper honeycomb bases can be joined magnetically to create almost any shape and length of table. Invent your own table shape and have the top made locally or use the 47 diameter tops and modular wedge shaped tops available from molo. The modular wedge shape tops magnetically connect into a surprising number of different formations, only a few of which are indicated in the drawings below. The sketching circle and pencil holder accessories for the 47 diameter table make it particularly interesting for collaborative work environments, with stacked sheets of paper designed to rotate around a central spindle/pencil holder, a sketch idea can be spun around for each person at the table to view and build upon. Lead time for indigo blue option may take up to 14 weeks. Note: 2400mm is a dimension of only one of many possible modular configurations

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    MDF, クラフト氏, 不織ポリエステル


    オフィス, ホテル, 住宅, 小売り

    lead time

    4-6 週間

    Color Option

    ブラウン, ブラック, ホワイト

    Table Base

    クラフト氏, 不織ポリエステル

    Table Top



    W2400mm x D2400mm x H710mm x TH710mm, W2400mm x D2400mm x H1040mm x TH1040mm

    Production Time

    1 weeks

    Shipping Time

    by sea: 5 weeks by air: 1 days